August 18, 2005 You're Either New or You're Through

Culture Editorial: Madison Avenue Noir

Look closely at the shootout in the rain-swept street. It's the concluding moments of a 1965 lost film noir, "The Money Trap." This was the fourth and final pairing of Glenn Ford and Rita Hayworth, who made three better known noirs ("Gilda," "Affair in Trinidad," "The Loves of Carmen") starting in the 1940s.

Ford is again the silky, angry authority figure--a role he patented in movies like "The Big Heat" and "Experiment In Terror"--and here he's a detective trying to live way beyond his means and satisfy a young wife (Elke Summer). Hayworth, no longer the beautiful glamour girl, gets a minor role: the beautiful prostitute. "Where you been?" growls Glenn at one point. "I been around," murmurs Rita. She's better than anyone in the film.

But at the end of the day, it's Ford's movie to die for, and so he does, plugging and being plugged by a worse guy (Joseph Cotton), who's already face down in the gutter.

Yoko Ono: Marketer Of The Year


No, this isn't going to recap the story of John and Yoko. No, it's also not going to cast an adoring light of our greatest, fallen 20th century minstrel. A violent man externally; a man of war internally (with himself) and a man of peace intellectually; without Yoko Ono, John Lennon's legacy would be skyscrapers lower than it is today.

The New Crisco Print Campaign, er...We Mean Cisco...


Restlessness, Powered By Cisco

They lead with an interesting, "stopping power-based" headline; a good way to capture interest. According to Cisco's new campaign, Cisco powers restlessness. That's very much true, though it's a surprising strategy to use as a reason to buy one's product.

New PC Warning For TV Journalists: Don’t Flirt, Don't Tell


We found Daniel Cappello's interview of Ken Auletta in the August 1st, 2005 edition of The New Yorker Magazine Online very informative. Auletta shared some advice about news journalism today that seems reminiscent of advice that was taught over the last 2 decades during "PC sensitivity trainings."

We imagine that the same advice Auletta discussed with Capello about at length in The New Yorker article was taught years ago with Fat-Cat suit&tie, suspender guys, many wearing aramis cologne or Polo, who needed to be warned that their good ole boy behavior would no longer be tolerated in the office.

According to Auletta: "Remember that the audience is almost seventy per cent women. There are lots of other strictures—don’t flirt, don’t do too much sports, don’t be long-winded..."

Smart and sound advice for sure, only this time, Auletta's advice was for Diane Sawyer and Katy Couric.

Dolley Madison's Love Affair with James, Sam And MadAve


How many of us recall the name of Samuel B. Ruggles? Consider that he is without doubt the most unsung advertising hero of Madison Avenue. Why? He founded it!

According to The New York Times, on March 9, 1867, they predicted that his legacy would make him one of the towering figures in the history of the 19th century (article in NYTimes archives).

The question is, did he create the tribute we know today as Madison Square Park, Madison Square Garden and Madison Avenue for James Madison or for Madison's gregarious wife, Mrs. Dolley Madison?

Alice in wwwLand. Episode 1.0


(This is a work of fiction. All information is a creation of the author's imagination. All persons, alive or dead, or events portrayed or depicted in this story are fictional and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental.)


Once upon a time, there was a well-respected media director named Alice who built knowledge and strong relationships during her career with associaties and clients on Madison Avenue. One day she received a call from a recruiter who told her that a fast growing interactive-based new media company wanted her to consider joining them to establish a new division she would run, as part of a larger plan to build the best new media communications business ever created on global basis. This was something Alice had never considered. Intrigued, she did her homework, met with Susan Montgomery-Wrestler, the CEO and after taking some precautions and consideration, Alice decided to accept the offer, to join the AAAAA-inc firm as Chief Media Officer. This is her story.

MACVIDEONY Creative Work

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  News Feeds  

Media Buyer Planner


Think National. Buy Local

Disney Shutters Second Mobile Service

TNS Merges Media Intelligence and Media Research Groups

'Passionista' Consumers Can Help Brands Harness Digital Media

Report: Online Job Ads Up 4 percent in September (Includes 6 Charts)

Facebook the Fastest-Growing Site in U.K., Google the Most Visited


Some Newspapers Think Declining Circulation's a Good Thing Launches 'All the News That's Fit to Click'

Help-Wanted Advertising Index Dips in August

'Financial Times' Changes Model, Offers Articles for Free

Belo to Create Newspaper Spinoff

America's Business Elite - Voracious Consumers of All Media


High DVR Penetration Makes for Tricky Tracking of Premiere Week

Comcast Starting to Feel Heat from Verizon's FiOS

TV Guide's Video Search Engine, Newsletter Launch Coincide with TV Season

'Cavemen,' 'Carpoolers' Expected by Most to Bomb


'Posting' for Special Events Could Raise Radio Rates

Radio Broadcasters Not Thrilled With Google Entering Ad Market

Midnight Trucking Radio Network Comes to XM

Radio Groups Sign on for iTunes Tagging


Shoppers' Web Savvy Prompting Online Retailers to Improve

Toyota Slips Co-Branded 16-Page Insert into 'TV Guide'

Sales of Natural Pet Products to Reach $1.3 Billion in 2007

Target Adds In-Store Kiosks for Wish-List Creation

TiVo to Help Advertisers in DVR-Land with Direct Response Division

Sierra Trading Post Launches Gift & Home Book


Exhibition Industry Revenues Up 11.3 Percent in Q2

Mobile Broadcast TV to Reach Almost 120MM Users by 2012

Times Square Billboard Offers Wi-fi, SMS, Streaming News

U.S. DOT Issues Memo, Allows for Digital Billboard Construction

Odwalla Chooses Brand Connections' Green Network